RTS 10" IRS Winters Quick Change Rear End

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RTS 10" IRS Winters Quick Change Rear End

The standard RTS Winters QC racing unit is rated for up to 800hp for the 2860.00 pricing!

RTS QC units come standard with the following upgrades:

  • UPGRADED 1350 Pinion Yoke
  • Upgraded Lower-shaft
  • Upgraded Ground 4.12 ring & pinion
  • (Ring & Pinions to choose from are 4.12, 4.57, 4.86, *we suggest 4.12 as it is the STRONGEST tooth count!)

Every IRS Rear End is hand built to YOUR custom Specs for maximum reliability and performance, *all hand built units are generally 3 week lead time prior to shipping.

USA Shipping: ANYWHERE in the USA for 190.00 flat-rate shipping

We can supply any racer in the USA or Internationally!
"International Clients will be charged additional shipping per your location"

Information We Require to Build YOU a Quick Change Rear End:

A) Drive Shaft Yoke U-JOINT size desired:

  • 1310 series(1.062" cap dia.) or 1350 series(1.187" cap dia.)
  • ***We recommend 1350 series for any car/Engine rated over 500hp

B) Differential Cost Options:

  • Spool(HD Alum) is $2860.00
  • Torsen is $3260.00
  • LSD Twin Carbon 1.5 - 2.0 is $4860.00

C) Ratio Options:

  • RTS will give you (1) FREE set of Drop gears with your order!
  • Email us for Complete drop gear ratio chart and

D) Color Options:

  • The BLACK Thermal Edition in main picture is an additional $200 charge!

E) Additional Options:

  • 800hp+ Clients with HIGH HP/TORQUE please note that we have SPECIAL RTS1000 units available!
  • The RTS1000 units exclusively from RTS are rated 1000hp/ftlbs +
  • RTS1000 / SPOOL is 3860.00
  • RTS1000 / TORSEN is 4260.00
  • RTS1000 / LSD units are Not Available currently / they're being designed in the future

Thanks so Much for Visiting Our Page, We GREATLY appreciate your Business and trust!

We are proud to say "We have never had an Un-Satisfied Client Buying our Custom IRS Rear Ends"