6XD Sequential Racing Dogbox Transmission

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"Worlds Strongest Sequential Transmission @ 1800ftlbs"

6XD Sequential Transmission 5 or 6 Speed

1st Production Run Release Scheduled for delivery Dec 2018 thru Jan 2019 for the Pre-Paid Clients

Any available ratio stack - Any shifter setback option of 22" - 24" - 26"

* Delivered to you 100% RACE READY @ $15500 +S/H *

6XD SPECS includes 5XD version:

  • Delivered 100% RACE READY to Install!
  • Bolts direct into any current Tex, G101, GSR, Andrews applications (trans mount different)
  • Use the current 4spd dogbox slip yoke driveshaft
  • Shifter setbacks 22 - 24 - 26" same as 4 spd GSR
  • ALL Internals pressure feed oil via A.R.E. pump
  • 250+ ratio combinations in stock here in USA
  • Wght -108lbs L- 22.5" W- 9" H- 10"
  • 8 minute (1) drop gear swap changes ratio stack taller/shorter for different tracks & race series
  • Comes standard w/26 or 29 spline input shafts
  • Transmission Stand for 8min drop gear changes
  • Specialty engine inputs in stock; SR/RB, VQ35, RX7, 2JZ short/long, Coyote, 10 x 1.375 Drag

ALL proper dogbox racing transmissions like the RTS G101A, GSR, 6XD have a double flat roller bearing in the tail housing to eliminate driveshaft slip yoke parasitic drag loss, all the while handling much higher torque loads than the old school Cleveite bushings. The double flat roller requires a "Hardened Slip Yoke", this yoke is required for ANY dog-box style transmission!

RTS G101A, GSR, 6XD dog-boxes have an output shaft that is *32 spline to handle maximum power transfer, ALL racing Dog-boxes require a "Hardened slip yoke" for the front of your drive-shaft you are running." You can also purchase this "Hardened Slip Yoke" direct from us; the additional cost is only $260.00

6XD Standard Input Shafts:

  • 26 spline x 1.125" diameter x 6.660" length
  • 29 spline x 1.250" diameter x 6.660" length

6XD CUSTOM Input Shafts:

(These are additional $400)

  • 10 spline x 1.125 diameter 6.660" length
  • 10 spline x 1.375 diameter x 6.660" length DRAG RACING
  • 14 spline 2JZ x 1.200" diameter x 10.600 EOS and 11.400 EOP
    (LONG input *Used with Toyota V160 style Bell Housing*)
  • 14 spline 2JZ x 1.200" diameter x 6.660" length NEW!
    (To be used with RTS 2JZ bell Hsg Pkg / No adaptor plates required)
  • 24 spline .975" diameter RB/SR
  • 24 spline .975" diameter VG35 series
  • 26 spline 1.125" RX7 series

Special Bell Housing CnC Adaptors PLATES:

(Designed for listed engines to 6XD Sequential Dogbox mounting bolt pattern)

  • 2JZ (Used with Toyota V160 style Bell Housing using LONG 11.400" input shaft)
  • RB / SR series (Used with the RB or SR Automatic Bell Housings)
  • VG35
  • RX7 (.750" and 1.000" thick versions both to be used with the Turbo II Bell housing)

USA SHIPPING: 200.00 to ship ANYWHERE in USA (Continental 48 states,) *all hand built units are generally 3 week lead time prior to shipping.

*International Clients email us for current shipping Quote regarding your country and province or state!


In the COMMENTS box before you pay for item, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LIST RATIO STACK YOU WANT and SHIFTER SETBACK YOU DESIRE! This will SAVE A LOT of time processing your orders.

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